Gamer Friends

091: The Cigarette After

February 10th, 2022

Welcome to Gamer Friends, fourth anniversary edition! After some celebratory housekeeping, we’re “Logging On” with releases for Dying Light 2, OlliOlli World, Sifu, and Pokémon Legends Arceus, Bungie’s acquisition by Sony, GTA VI’s bland announcement, Watch Dogs Legion, Respawn’s triple Star Wars gambit, Stadia’s demise, and Suicide Squad’s updated release date.

“These Past Two Weeks in Nerdom,” we watched Peacemaker, have some totally ignorant thoughts about Boba Fett, and stop short of really discussing the Moon Knight trailer because of AudioNerd64’s filthy mind.

Finally, on “The Homescreen,” Big Nkrumah has been playing Cities: Skylines’ new airport expansion, The Outer Wilds, and Disco Elysium, while AudioNerd has been focused on Pupperazzi and Sifu.

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