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090: (Resurrections) P*** C****

January 28th, 2022

2022 gets started with a bang! “Logging On,” we’re talking all aspects of the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard (and King) including unionization, monopolies, and exclusivity. We also saw the releases of Cities: Skylines – Airports, The Anacrusis, Democracy 4, Nobody Saves the World, and Rainbow 6: Extraction. We also chat about the recent NFT discourse, PSVR2’s recent announcement, new NVIDIA chips, and perhaps the final nail in E3’s coffin.

“These Past Two Weeks in Nerdom,” lots of stuff has released that we haven’t seen, including Peacemaker, Naomi, The Witcher, and the Book of Boba Fett. We also celebrate the unionization of Image Comics, the first North American union of comic book workers!

Finally, in an extended Party Chat, our Spider-Man correspondent Jen jumps genres and assignments to walks us through her thoughts about The Matrix: Resurrections. If you didn’t like it, there may be a sociopolitical reason why – who knew?!

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