Gamer Friends

094: Everybody's Wet

April 17th, 2022

After a long recovery, AudioNerd's illness has abated enough for the return of your Gamer Friends! We're "Logging On" with the releases of WWE 2K22, Tunic, Shredders, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Weird West, GhostWire: Tokyo, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, LEGO Star Wars, and the Ukraine Bundle. We're also getting caught up on the Sony discrimination lawsuit, ExoPrimal, Returnal's new DLC, the Steam Deck, Game Pass, Playstation Plus Premium's unveiling, Breath of the Wild 2's delay, The Witcher 4 and Kingdom Hearts 4's respective announcements, Fornite's no-build mode, Ubisoft's NFT blunder, and a subscription service for GTA Online.

"These Past Two Weeks in Nerdom," we discuss the first two episodes of Moon Knight, the disastrous release of Morbius, Tekken: Bloodline's announcement, and the finale but not actually finale of Attack on Titan. Finally, in "Party Chat," listener favorite Leslie returns with their thoughts on beating and being beaten by Elden Ring. Is it truly and undeniably the greatest game of all time?? Still sounds like a game Big Nkrumah is going to skip. They also share thoughts on their favorites from the Ukraine Bundle, as well as the surprisingly difficult and delightful Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

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